Five ways to gain healthy weight quickly and safely
In a health (read appearance) conscious society, where everyone is obsessed with losing weight and getting as slim as life permits, there are some who'd like to gain a bit of healthy weight.
If you're clinically underweight, or want to gain some h...Read More
These are the five benefits of using female condoms
We agree that female condom is not as popular as its male counterpart, but it sure is gaining attention now, and because of good reasons.
Female condoms are effective, come with zero physical side-effects and are a one-size-fits-all device.
And ab...Read More
Five foods to help you get rid of dark circles
The skin around your eyes is relatively thin and delicate. That's why it's prone to issues like dark circles, which render your face dull and lifeless.
Dark circles basically occur when blood vessels under your eyes become dilated/pressurized.
Read More
Seeking spirituality - Here are five destinations you should visit
The term 'spirituality' might mean different things for different people, but one thing that is certain about the notion is that it effectively transcends boundaries of nationalities, religions, and beliefs.
And since we dearly believe that travel...Read More
Want healthy and glowing skin - Perform these five Yoga poses
Cliche as it may sound, everyone desires beautiful and healthy skin.
But given the high levels of pollution, modern lifestyle and dietary habits, our skin health is bound to take a toll.
However, a healthy diet and lifestyle can help.
Yoga...Read More
Love animals - Here are six best jobs for you
If you adore animals and are passionate about them, but are not financially able to adopt a pet or take care of it, know that we've got you covered.
There are many professions out there that will not only help you stay close to your non-human friends ...Read More
Career - Want to join ISRO Here everything you should know
The Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) is one of the largest and most successful space agencies in the world.
Many youngsters from the science stream aspire to join the Indian space agency as it offers interesting and challenging opportunities. How...Read More
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