WEIGH HEY Lose weight in just 10 days by following 4 easy steps and it starts with working out your body type

And with most of us are leading busier lives than ever before, finding the time to lose weight can be difficult.

But what if there was a simple way to get rid of your belly fat in just 10 days.

One personal trainer says it is entirely possible - and it doesn't involve doing a million sit-ups. Hooray!

Rachael Attard, a personal trainer based in Sydney, Australia, says on her blog there are four steps to follow to banish your muffin top.

And it starts with understanding your body type...

1. Work out your body type

You've seen yourself a million times, so you probably know what you look like, right?

Well, even if you've really stared at yourself have you ever figured out your exact body type?

Rachael explains that some body types tend to lose fat faster than others, so it really is worth knowing what category you come under.

This way you can optimise your diet and workout efforts instead of wasting time.

Generally speaking, there are three different body types:


People with endomorph body type tend to naturally have higher percentages of body fat.

Think Kim Kardashian, Jennifer Lopez and Kate Winslet.

"They store fat more easily, typically around the belly, thighs, and butt," says Rachael. "And getting rid of fat is often harder for them."

Endomorphs typically benefit from following a low carb diet and doing more cardio than the other two  body types.


Ectomorphs tend to be naturally lean, though they can still have the "skinny fat look" with stubborn belly fat, Rachael says.

She says that people with this body type tend to struggle to put on muscle and can find it tough to stay toned.

"Unlike endomorphs, ectomorphs do best on a high carb diet and they don’t need to focus on cardio a lot, unless they have extra body fat they want to lose," she added.

Celebrities including Keira Knightly and Karlie Kloss are considered ectomorphs.


The best of both worlds, mesomorphs are somewhere in the middle of the other two body types.

Rachael says: "They can store body fat more easily than ectomorphs, but it’s easier for them to lose it than it is for endomorphs.

"They do best following a balanced diet and with doing moderate amounts of cardio for fat loss."

Famous mesomorphs include Gigi Hadid, Jennifer Lawrence and Irina Shayk.

2. Focus on nutrition

After you've identified your body type, you can start eating accordingly to lose belly fat quicker.

Rachael says that nutrition is the key to shifting the pounds in less than two weeks.

She says: "If your diet is not on point, you won’t get any results, especially not in just 10 days!

"Cut out all junk food, processed food, bad carbs, sugar, and alcohol for the full 10 days. No cheating.

"And you need to eat the right amount of food for your body type.

"If you have no idea about the calories and macros in your food, try counting it for a few days."

She recommends trying a calorie counter, like the free app MyFitnessPal, to get an idea of how much food you should be eating.

Rachael added: "This will give you a good idea on how much you’re actually eating, and you’ll know if you need to eat more or less.

"And if you need to eat more carbs, less carbs, more protein, etc."

3. Reduce stress

None of us want to lead stressful lives, so this one is probably easier said than done.

But Rachael says limiting the amount of stress you experience plays a big part in shifting the fat.

"When you are stressed, your body releases the stress hormone called cortisol. Constantly high levels of cortisol will result in your body storing fat, especially around the stomach.

"So if you put too much pressure on yourself about fat loss and exercise too hard or become extremely strict with your diet, it might actually backfire."

Instead, she says to avoid things that could be putting you under stress - that means if you're putting pressure on yourself to exercise constantly then don't, it's detrimental.

Aim for eight hours sleep and ditch that bad relationship too, she adds.

4. Exercise correctly

While diet is the crucial component to losing weight fast, it's important to do some exercise too.

"You don’t need to do tons of workouts. You need to do the right type of workouts.

"Incorporate high intensity workouts to lose belly fat quickly - running and HIIT work best."



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