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Breast cancer: Symptoms, risk factors, and prevention tips

Breast cancer is the most common form of cancer among women, worldwide.

It is basically the cancer that develops (and spreads) in the cells of the breasts.

Although it is way more common in women, it can affect men as well.

However, of late, there has been a marked improvement in the awareness and funding around this deadly disease.

Here's more.

. Signs and symptoms

Major signs or symptoms of breast cancer include an unusual lump or thickening of the breast, change in size/shape/appearance of one or both breasts, and redness of the skin over the breast.

A sunken or inverted nipple, unexplained discharge from the nipple, and peeling or flaking of skin might be also be worrying signs.

One might also experience pain in nipple, breast, or armpits.

. Risk factors: Gender, genetics, and age

Basically, excessive or uncontrollable cell growth is what leads to cancers.

Here are the major, science-backed risk factors that might lead to breast cancer:

Gender: As mentioned before, women are way more likely to develop breast cancer, compared to men.

Genetics: If a close family member, such as a mother or sister has suffered from breast cancer, your risk takes a hike.

Age: More the age, greater the risk of breast cancer.

. Personal history, Body weight, Pregnancy conditions, Alcohol intake

Personal history of such conditions: If you have had a history of breast conditions, your risk of developing breast cancer might rise considerably.

Certain pregnancy conditions: Women who have never been pregnant, or those who conceive a child at an older age (35+) are at a greater risk.

Alcohol: Studies have shown that women who drink excessive alcohol are more prone to developing breast cancer.

Body weight: High levels of estrogen, due to obesity, might also lead to breast cancer.

. Prevention tips

Making certain healthy changes in your daily lifestyle might help lower down your risk of getting breast cancer. Here are some helpful prevention tips:

1) Cut down on alcohol intake, or better off, get rid of it completely to stay safe.

2) Aim for moderate exercise on a daily basis.

3) Obesity is a risk factor. So, try and maintain a healthy body weight.

4) Follow a healthy diet, loaded with fresh veggies and fruits.

5 ways to stay fit in your 40s

Maintaining good health during middle-age could be tough.

Medically speaking, aging brings hormonal imbalance. In women, estrogen levels tend to fall, and men go through decrease in testosterone.

Furthermore, aging also leads to mood swings, muscle weakening, and fading of memory, among other issues.

However, with consistent efforts, one can maintain fitness.

Here are 5 ways to help you stay fit in your 40s.

. Eat healthy

If you have waited until middle-age to start eating clean, you will have to make rather dramatic changes in your diet plan.

A balanced and nutritious diet shall go a long way in helping you maintain good health.

Include more veggies and whole food items in your diet, and let go of junk food.

Say hello to salads and bid adieu to those fries!

. Exercise religiously

The toughest part about starting to exercise is the starting part itself- once you get going, it only gets easier.

So, after 40, make exercise a regular and religious part of your life, to stay healthy in the long-run. Consistency will take you places.

If hitting the gym is not your thing, aim for mild aerobic exercises (jogging, biking etc.) on a regular basis.

. Eating clean and exercising key to maintaining a healthy weight

Eating clean and exercising will help you maintain a healthy weight and Body Mass Index (BMI). This is extremely crucial in middle-age, because obesity is a virtual invitation to a host of dreadful health issues, like diabetes, heart disease, stroke, high blood pressure, among others.

. Rest and recreation

Getting proper rest is just as important as eating the right food items and exercising regularly, if not more, in order to stay fit in the 40s.

Assure yourself regular, sound sleep of at least 7-9 hours to let your body recover from fatigue.

Also, build a consistent daily sleep-schedule.

Not just that, regularly reward yourself with recreation and relaxing activities, to stay motivated.

. Shrink stress

Needless to say, mental wellness and physical well-being go hand in hand.

Stress could be a major trigger for poor health.

This is so because it hikes one's tendency to go for fats-infused comfort foods, and to overeat, thus leading to obesity.

It might also lead to heart disease.

When not feeling well emotionally, consider taking a walk or meditating, to calm yourself down.

. Lifestyle changes

Those greens and gym sessions won't really help, if your lifestyle habits directly contradict your fitness plans. To save your body the harm, and stay healthy in the true sense, you'll have to say goodbye to smoking, drinking and substance-abuse, once and for all.

Top 5 tasty veggies that help in building immunity

In order to steer clear of health-defying conditions and stay healthy in the long run, a strong immune system is extremely important.

For that, your diet is one of the most important factors.

One must have a balanced diet, on a regular basis, rich in varied vitamins and minerals.

Here are top 5 veggies (and other helpful tips) to boost immunity.

. Spinach and Carrots

Spinach: Well, looks like Popeye wasn't just fooling around- the man knew his diet right. Packed with essential vitamins, zinc, magnesium, iron, and amazing antioxidant properties, spinach is great for slowing-down aging, improving vision, and boosting immunity.

Carrots: Packed with many essential vitamins and nutrients, carrots give a considerable boost to your immunity. They help boost eyesight, prevent cancers and diabetes, improve heart health.

. Beetroot and Sweet Potato

Beetroot: Containing iron, Vitamins B6 and C, and essential minerals, beetroot is great for boosting your immunity. On top of that, it helps lower risk of diabetes, obesity, heart disease, fights inflammation, thus making for a great guest in your kitchen, during the ongoing season-switch period.

Sweet Potato: Rich in fiber, beta-carotene, vitamins and antioxidants, tasty sweet potatoes will help strengthen your immunity.

. Broccoli

Loaded with beta-carotene, broccoli is great for boosting your immunity. It's high in calcium, vitamin C, K, zinc and selenium. Additionally, the high fiber content makes it ideal for helping you lose fat. So, add some to your soups, salads and rice.

. Other tips to improve immunity

Here are other general tips to improve immunity:

1) Get your 7-9 hours of daily night-time sleep. It will help in repair and renewal of cells in the body, thus improving your immunity.

2) Exercise on a daily-basis to strengthen body and acquire better immunity.

3) Reduce your stress levels. Engage in relaxing activities like meditation, walking etc.

4) Get plenty of sunlight regularly.

Acne in women: Causes, treatment, and home remedies

Primarily affecting teenagers, undergoing natural hormonal changes, acne is one of the most common skin conditions.

Acne breakouts might occur in adult women as well.

However, they don't make for pleasant guests, at all.

Causing itchiness and discomfort, acne is embarrassing and frustrating, and that's why most women want to get rid of them, as soon as they show up.

Here's all about it.

. What is acne?

Acne occurs when your skin's oil glands produce excessive sebum or oil, thereby leading to formation of plugged pores. Although more common in teenagers, acne might also affect adults. The most common sites for acne are the face, neck, shoulders, chest, and back.

. What causes acne?

Although hormones are the major reason behind acne, there are other factors that might trigger the condition. These are:

Genetics: Family history is a common risk factor for acne.

Make-up: Chemicals in your make-up kit might also be doing the harm. If so, get rid of them, and find natural replacements.

Medication: Your acne might also be a side-effect of some of your medications.

. What is the cure?

The most commonly prescribed acne treatment includes over-the-counter lotions and creams. These commonly contain benzoyl peroxide, resorcinol, salicylic acid, sulfur or retinoic acid, that aid in reducing oil made by glands, and in breaking down pimples.

In case of hormonal acne, doctors often recommend oral contraceptive pills.

Antibiotics and topical treatments are also given, for moderate to severe acne condition.

. Home remedies to deal with acne

Since medical treatment can be heavy on pocket and may bring undesirable side effects, you might want to consider certain at-home remedies to treat acne, if your condition isn't severe.

Home remedies for acne are cheap, easily available, and come with zero side-effects.

Some of the best home treatments include green tea face-pack, honey, mint face-pack, aloe vera gel, and lemon juice, among others.

. Be patient, acne treatment takes time

Do mind that these treatment methods can take a long time for bringing results, sometimes up to as many as eight weeks. So, don't expect quick magic, there's no such thing in medicine. However, if you don't see any improvement whatsoever, do see your doctor.

Acne: What to eat, what not to eat?

Hands down the most common skin problem out there is of acne. It reportedly affects at least 85% of the world population at some point of time or the other.

However, good news is that simple dietary changes can help prevent acne and other skin problems.

Here's what you should and should not eat in order to avoid acne breakouts.

. To eat: Fruits and veggies, Fatty fish

Fruits and veggies: Fruits and vegetables, that are rich in antioxidants, can help neutralize free radicals, which can be harmful for your skin, as they cause inflammation that leads to acne and even premature aging.

Fatty fish: Omega-3 fatty acids-rich fishes like salmon, tuna and sardines improve our skin's health by lowering inflammation and also allowing the skin to build new, healthy cells.

. Cashews and Probiotics

Cashews: Cashews are a great source of zinc, an essential mineral linked with reduction in acne. It has vital anti-inflammatory and immune-boosting qualities. Other great sources of zinc are oysters, lobsters, and beef.

Probiotics: Probiotic food items like yogurt, kimchi, miso and tempeh have also shown to hinder the release of inflammatory proteins and decrease sebum production, thus helping prevent acne.

. Always stay hydrated

Poor hydration might lead to acne and other skin health problems. That's why it is recommended to drink plenty of water, and consume various water-rich food items like cucumbers and watermelon on a daily basis to stay safe from skin issues.

. Not to eat: Dairy products and carbohydrates

Dairy Products: High levels of hormones such as testosterone in dairy food items like milk, butter and cheese may lead to increased oil production and blocked pores, thereby causing acne breakouts.

Carbohydrates: Processed or refined grains such as white bread, white rice, white pasta etc. may impact your blood sugar levels and increase oil production levels, further causing acne.

. (Excess) salt and sugar

Salty food: Excessively salty food can cause water retention, face swelling, and an increase in oil production levels, thus increasing risk of acne breakouts.

Sugar: Naturally, excessive consumption of sugar increases your blood sugar levels, to which the body responds by producing more insulin. This leads to the glands producing more oil, thus leading to oily skin and acne breakouts.

. Cut alcohol intake

Regular alcohol consumption leads to dehydration of your skin, thereby making your body to increase oil production, thus inviting acne. So, reduce your intake of alcoholic drinks and swap them for low-sugar and healthy home-made drinks.

What is Dry shampoo, and how to use it

With a plethora of hair-care products available in the market, it could get tricky to choose the right one for yourself.

But some products always stand out - Dry shampoos are one of them.

If you need to beautify or freshen your hair on-the-go, without wasting much time, dry shampoos could be the answer.

Here's all you need to know about them.

. What basically is Dry shampoo?

Simply put, Dry shampoo is a powder or spray-based hair-care product that helps cleanse your hair without water. It takes out the excess sebum and other oils from your hair roots, freshens your hair, and leaves a refreshing smell to them.

. Why use Dry shampoo?

Less frequent shampooing: Frequent shampooing extract moisture out of certain hair types, such as coarse, curly, thick, fragile etc. So one might want to reduce their shampoo use. Dry shampoos help you do that.

Eliminates odor: Despite the good looks, your hair might be smelly, which is quite off-putting. A quick use of dry shampoo will lend a refreshing fragrance to your hair.

. A couple of more benefits

Saves time: Dry shampoo is the go-to thing when you're running out of time, but also badly require a hair wash. It helps save your precious time.

Relieves irritated scalp: Scalp irritation might be due to a number of reasons. And, it is downright uncomfortable and frustrating. To get relief from an irritated scalp, go for a quick applying of the dry shampoo.

. How to use a Dry shampoo

Step 1: Shake the Dry shampoo container. Start applying on the roots, then head on to the sub-sections to ensure the whole head gets covered.

Step 2: Flip your head upside down and spread the spray through your hair roots using your fingertips.

Step 3: Use your finger pads or a comb or brush to disperse the product through your entire hair length.

. A few tips to apply Dry shampoo, the right way

Tips to apply Dry shampoo correctly:

1) Keep a fair distance between the container and the hair while applying it.

2) Don't overdo it- too much of Dry shampoo might make your hair look dull.

3) Apply Dry shampoo only to dry hair.

4) Don't rub immediately after spraying. Let it sit and get absorbed.

5) Don't rely too much on Dry shampoos.

Top 5 at-home exercises to score six-pack abs

Building six-pack abs doesn't mean hitting the gym and sweating till you make it.

It's a long-term and comprehensive process, in the sense that it requires workout, in harmony with a good diet.

Further, one needs to be utterly determined and patient to get those shiny washboard abs.

Here are top 5 at-home exercises to help you get jaw-dropping six-pack abs.

. Sit ups

Start by lying flat on a floor mat, facing upward. Bend your knees at a 45 degree angle.

Put your arms behind your head for support.

Now, using your abdominal muscles, move your head toward your knees, almost reaching a sitting position, then bring yourself back to the initial position.

Perform 15-20 repetitions or up to the point of failure.

. Leg Raises

Start by lying flat on your back with your legs straightened in front of you.

Place your hands at your sides for support.

Next, using your lower abdominal, raise your legs until they are perpendicular to the floor.

Slowly return your legs to the start position.

Make sure to maintain muscle tension in legs throughout the movement.

Perform 15-20 reps or up to failure.

. Knee-in

Start by sitting on the floor, or a chair/exercise bench, with your legs extended in front of you. Place your hands on each side for support.

Keeping your knees together, pull them back toward your chest as far as possible.

Finally, maintaining tension on lower abs, return to the beginning position.

Perform 15-20 reps or up to the point of failure.

. Crunches

Start by lying flat on your back on the floor, with your legs bent at the knees.

Place your hands by your chest.

Now, without raising your lower back, raise your shoulders in a curling movement toward your knees, as far as possible.

Retaining tension on the abs, return back to the initial position.

Repeat for a few minutes, and then relax.

. Toe-touches

With your legs straightened in front of you, and your hands by your sides, lie down on your back on the floor.

Lift your legs up as high as possible. Now, lift your shoulders and both arms and try to reach your hands toward your toes.

Return to the initial position.

Perform 15-20 reps or up to the point of failure.

Top 8 food-items to eat for amazing six-pack abs

They say abs are made in the kitchen, and rightly so.

Building six-pack abs doesn't mean hitting the gym and sweating till you make it.

It's a long-term and comprehensive process, in the sense that it requires workout, in harmony with a good diet.

Further, one needs to be utterly determined and patient.

Here are top 8 food items to eat for amazing six-pack abs.

. All major lean protein sources

Protein is the go-to nutrient for all those who wish to get six-pack abs.

This is so because protein helps you retain muscle mass, while you burn fat in the gym.

Some of the best protein-dense food sources are chicken, pork, lamb, duck, turkey, beef, and tuna.

Other good options are eggs, peanut, soya beans, and pumpkin seeds, among others.

All these are must-haves.

. Bananas and Oatmeal

Bananas: Studies show that eating bananas as a pre-meal snack helps reduce belly-bloat. Also, rich in potassium, bananas help eliminate water retention. This makes bananas great for reducing belly fat and revealing those shiny abs.

Oatmeal: Rich in carbs, protein, and fiber, oats can help lower risk of heart disease, give a calming effect to the brain, and shrink unwanted belly fat.

. Broccoli and Blueberries

Broccoli: Sulforaphane is a phytonutrient in broccoli that helps increase testosterone and reduce body fat storage. It is also rich in Vitamin C, a nutrient known to reduce levels of cortisol and fighting stress.

Blueberries: Several studies have shown that blueberries, loaded with polyphenols, can significantly help burn belly fat and flatten your stomach.

. Nuts and Yogurt

Nuts: Nuts, such as almonds, cashews and walnuts, are rich in healthy, omega-3 fatty acids, that are great for weight-loss. However, due to high calorie-count, keep your consumption limited (a small handful per day).

Yogurt: Low-fat Greek yogurt is a great post-workout snack as it is rich in protein. Also, it contains probiotics, healthy bacteria that relieve gas and bloating, and aid in weight-loss.

. Green Tea

Sip on green tea on a regular basis to get those washboard six-pack abs. Numerous studies, time and again, have proved the fat-burning abilities of this antioxidants-rich brew. It works mainly because it aids in boosting metabolism, thus promoting fat loss.

5 natural home remedies for long, dandruff-free hair

Dandruff is problematic, frustrating, but unfortunately, pretty common. Roughly half the world population is affected by it.

Characterized by an itchy scalp and flakiness, it happens due to dry skin, allergy to certain hair products, or fungi growth.

Although there are many ready-made dandruff treatment products available, natural home-remedies are always better.

Here are top 5 home remedies to help you deal with dandruff.

. Coconut oil-Lemon juice hair massage

A coconut oil and lemon juice massage provides great nourishment to your hair, without you having to rush for chemical-loaded hair-care products.

Heat up 2 tablespoons of coconut oil and mix with the same amount of lemon juice. Now, massage your scalp gently with this mixture.

Keep the solution on for about 20-30 minutes, then rinse off with shampoo.

. For shinier and cleaner hair, go for yogurt

If getting your hands and hair a little messy for a while doesn't sound like a problem, then go for yogurt.

It makes for an amazing home remedy for helping you get a dandruff-free scalp.

All you have to do is apply it well all over your hair, then keep it on for an hour or so, and lastly, wash off with a shampoo.

. Apple Cider Vinegar to the rescue

Apple cider vinegar (ACV) is super-effective in killing the dandruff-causing fungus.

Furthermore, it gives you instant relief from itchiness.

Just over the course of a few days of ACV-use, you'll start noticing improvements in your hair health.

How to use ACV? Dilute Apple Cider Vinegar with equal quantity of water (1:1 ratio) and start using this lotion in place of your regular shampoo.

. Put your faith in Orange Peels

With acidic properties that help lower excess oil in hair, orange peels can condition your scalp and help control dandruff.

What you'll have to do is blend 3-4 dry orange peels with 5-6 tablespoon lime juice in a mixer to form a smooth paste.

Now apply this paste on your scalp, and rinse off with your regular shampoo half-an-hour later.

. Make friends with Baking Soda

Baking soda can remove your dead skin, fight against the overactive fungi that cause dandruff, and suck out any excess oil from your scalp, thus gifting you great, dandruff-free hair.

Start by wetting your hair, then take one tablespoon of baking soda, and rub it along your scalp. After a minute or so, wash off thoroughly with water or shampoo.

5 breathing exercises to improve focus, mindfulness

With increasingly packed-up schedules, it is becoming difficult to maintain focus on the job at hand.

Often, as we are (physically) engaged in one activity, our mind wanders to another.

Such loss of focus curbs our productivity.

Not just that, it obstructs our mental health by bringing stress and anxiety.

So, here are 5 simple exercises to improve mindfulness in your daily life.

. What is mindfulness?

Broadly speaking, Mindfulness is the practice of focusing solely on the present moment, without distraction, free of any judgment and rush. In general sense, Mindfulness refers to performing of every activity (no matter the scale or nature of it) with full attention.

. Sama Vritti

The Sama Vritti or Equal Breathing technique can help relax the mind, improve mindfulness, and gift you better quality sleep.

To perform, start by slowly inhaling upto a count of four, then exhale on a count of four (using your nose throughout the process).

When this feels easy-peasy with passage of time, try to extend the breath duration to upto 6 to 8 counts.

. Abdominal Breathing

To perform this technique, put one hand on your chest, and the other over the belly, then take a deep breath through your nose, ensuring that the diaphragm inflates with enough air to create a stretch in your lungs. Then exhale.

Take 6-10 breaths per minute, for 10 minutes, on a daily-basis to get controlled heart rate, blood pressure, and of course improved mindfulness.

. Kapalbhati Pranayam

Brighten up your day by performing the Kapalbhati pranayam (or skull shining breath), as it'll help warm up your body, brush off stale energy, and refresh and relax your mind.

To perform it, slowly, take a long breath through your nose, and then exhale forcefully from the lower belly.

Repeat this 10-20 times.

Practise the exercise daily to enhance mindfulness.

. Nadi Shodhana

Nadi Shodhana is great for improving focus and mindfulness.

To perform, start by sitting in a comfortable, meditative pose. Put your right thumb over the right nostril, and inhale deeply through the left one. At the peak of inhalation, close the left nostril using your ring finger, and exhale through the right nostril.

Repeat the exercise, rotating the nostrils.

Continue for 5-10 minutes.

. Progressive relaxation

To relax the whole body and mind, perform the progressive relaxation exercise.

Start by closing your eyes, then focus on tensing and easing each of your muscle groups for a couple of seconds, one by one- right from your toes and feet, moving up to thighs, chest, neck, and the eyes.

The exercise will help you reduce stress, anxiety, and score improved focus.

Top 6 healthy veggies and fruits for flawless skin

Everyone wants clear, glowing, and beautiful-looking skin.

But the modern diet and lifestyles are a huge hindrance in achieving it.

Plus, our increasingly packed work schedules make it extremely tough to maintain good skin health.

However, good news is that by following a healthy and balanced diet, one can defy skin ageing.

Here are top 6 veggies and fruits to eat for flawless skin.

. All citrus fruits

All citrus fruits (read oranges, grapefruit, and lemon) are great for boosting skin health.

They are rich in Vitamin C, which helps in detoxification of components that can flush out excess oil from the skin.

Additionally, their richness in water-content is good for moisturizing the skin, and treating oily skin.

All these fruits are great for making your skin look brighter, smoother, and younger.

. Cucumber and Avocados

Cucumber: Packed with silica, sulphur and essential Vitamins like A, C, E and K, cucumbers are a time-tested food for boosting skin health. The high-water content of cucumbers helps keep your skin hydrated and thus eliminate dark circles.

Avocados: Avocados are amazingly effective in moisturizing your skin and preventing oily secretions, thus giving you healthy, youthful skin.

. Watermelon and Blueberries

Watermelon: With as much as 92% water-content, antioxidant power, and essential vitamins and minerals, watermelon is a great fruit choice to kick away dark circles, reduce acne breakouts, and get a glowing skin.

Blueberries: Rich in antioxidants- lutein and anthocyanins, essential Vitamins- K and C, and other vital minerals, blueberries aid in protecting blood vessels and enhancing blood flow, thus improving skin health.

. Broccoli

Broccoli is rich in essential Vitamins (C,E, and K), glucosinolates, polyphenols, iron, selenium, and zinc. Additionally, its antioxidants, antimicrobial, and anti-inflammatory properties make it a great food for skin. You can add it to your salads or simple toss some while cooking.

. Essential diet tips to boost skin health

Here are some essential diet tips to boost skin health:

Stay hydrated on a daily-basis, as water helps flush out toxins and impurities, reducing risk of acne breakouts.

Load up an antioxidants-rich diet. Good options include olive oil, yogurt, fish, chocolates, nuts, and berries.

Avoid sugar-loaded food-items as they might render your skin dull and lifeless.

Excess intake of alcohol results in dehydration. Avoid!

Food for brain - What to eat during exams?

Exam days could be a tricky time.

During exams, students are under tremendous pressure to score well, which ultimately brings them anxiety and stress.

Not just that, examinees also tend to be quite careless about their health (read meal quality and timings), which is wrong.

Here, we list top 5 healthy food-items, and some productive diet tips to help boost brainpower during exams.

. Fatty fish

The natural oils in fatty fishes, like salmon and tuna, are stocked up with Omega-3 fatty acids like DHA that empower our brain, by stimulating brain cells growth, enhancing mood, lowering stress levels, and improving our overall cognitive ability.

Additionally, intake of these fishes is known to reduce the possibility of developing certain mental-health conditions like Alzheimer's.

Surely, a go-to food for exams.

. Nuts

A handy and quick way to enhance brainpower is to munch on nuts.

Packed with Omega-3 fatty acids and lean proteins, nuts help strengthen our brain cells, and enhance cognitive function.

Additionally, walnuts and almonds, in particular, are rich in the antioxidant Vitamin E, thus protecting the brain from dreadful mental-health conditions.

So, pop some into your mouth during those long revision sessions.

. Eggs

Eggs are a powerhouse of nutrients essential for brain health.

Choline is a compound found in eggs that helps in the formation of our brain's neurotransmitters, eventually helping improve brain function.

What's more? Eggs are also rich in protein, antioxidants, and healthy fats. All these are vital for strengthening and protecting the brain.

Plus these are versatile and quite simple to make.

. Dark leafy greens

Loaded with antioxidants and healthy nutrients, leafy greens, such as spinach and kale help protect the brain and improve its function.

Furthermore, essential Vitamins- A, C, and K aid in reducing free radicals, improve cell health, and boost brain power.

Also, folate and lutein found in them help strengthen the brain.

Additionally, potassium and iron increase oxygenation, protect the brain, and augment its efficiency.

. Soy foods

Soy is another great source of Omega-3 fatty acids and lean proteins, which are significant for improving brain health and function.

Soy foods contain abundant proportion of iron, deficiency of which can take a toll on our memory, attention span, and learning ability.

So, include more soybeans, tofu, and soy milk in your diet to improve your brain function and cognitive ability.

. Essential diet tips to stay healthy during exams

Here are some essential diet-tips to follow in order to stay healthy during exams:

1) Eat smart by taking smaller meals, but at regular intervals. Also, ensure good supply of a wide range of nutrients.

2) Never delay or skip breakfast.

3) Avoid unhealthy snacking - eat healthy snack options such as sprouts, popcorn etc.

4) Eat mindfully, without any distraction.

5) Stay hydrated.




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