Anita Durante

Milly D'Abbraccio Rubi Dalma Francesca D'Aloja Mirella D'Angelo Emma Danieli Isa Danieli Tosca D'Aquino Cecilia Dazzi Titina De Filippo (1898–1965) Elsa De Giorgi (1914–1997) Piera Degli Esposti Liana Del Balzo (1899–1982) (born in Buenos Aires, Argentina) Marisa Del Frate Francesca Dellera Carla Del Poggio (1925–2010) Lorella De Luca Valentine Demy Barbara De Rossi Tina De Mola Cinzia De Ponti Dina De Santis Orchidea De Santis (born 1948) Francesca De Sapio Giuliana De Sio (born 1957) Rosemary Dexter Ida Di Benedetto Dalila Di Lazzaro Irasema Dilián (1924–1996) (Polish actress born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil) Rossana Di Lorenzo Matilde Di Marzio Silvia Dionisio (born 1951) Miria Di San Servolo (1923–1991) Valeria D'Obici Franca Dominici Ada Dondini (1883–1958) Bianca Doria Dori Dorika Anita Durante Doris Duranti Barbara D'Urso Eleonora Duse (1858–1924)



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Winter is no longer coming, it’s here, but for some reason we still have to leave the house. If you’re dreading the work it will take to make your car drivable, here’s a relatively easy snow-clearing method.
Coming from ViralHog via Digg, this appears to be the laziest and most effective way to get loose powder off your windshield ever created. Just get out that leaf blower you haven’t seen in a month, point it at your hood and hit the power button. In less than thirty seconds, this car looks fresh and clean:
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After that, we get glimpses of a sleek, brand-new Millennium Falcon f
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